[64studio-users] Question about installing 64Studio

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Mon Oct 27 12:33:15 GMT 2008

Daniel James wrote:
> Hi Christian,
>> I am just downloading the v2.1 version of 64Studio.
>> Since I am visually impaired I rely on speech and or braille.
>> Does the installation CD contain the standard Debian installer?
> Yes, but with some values pre-seeded to make the installation simpler.
>> Is BRLTTY included on the CD?
> We include the libbrlapi1 library but not the brltty daemon in the
> install CD. We don't know what a Braille user really needs, and don't
> have any Braille hardware for testing, but we'd like to help you. So
> if you could let us know which packages would make 64 Studio
> installation or usage easier for you, we'll add them to the distro.
> Cheers!
> Daniel

Hi Daniel:) hi Christian :)

Christian please let someone else install 64 Studio for you. It will be
an advantage for you, that you don't need to take care about the audio
problems and that you get GNOME running Orca by default.

For the future it would be better if Christian and all blind people can
do an install by themself.

For Suse the install seems to work with braille. Asking the people who
made the installer for Suse might not be a help, because the installer
for Debian seems to be too different.

Because Christian has got the needed hardware, he should ask the brltty
project, I added the links and also a link that describes a problem for
the Debian installer.

Maybe someone who has knowledge about Linux and who can speak English
very well can try to understand, what I don't understand.


Some Ubuntu users that don't need braille seems to be angry because of
problems during install.

A German link about this


that links to a discussion on English


The links are old, but Etch is old too, that's why they might be actual
for the 64 Studio installer.

It's a pity that there is such a problem for the install, I'm sorry
Christian, I didn't know this, but maybe you can help the 64 Studio
people to get the knowledge to build a new installer.

If the braille device is an USB device brltty might be the wrong
choice,again a German link


Maybe it's easier to solve as it occurs.

It might be possible that the main thing is to include a kernel modul
for the installer's kernel, but the module seems to depend to the used
braille hardware, that not all the time seems to need brltty.

I could be completely wrong, because I not really understood what I was


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